Linux Version of D29

Our Top notch sender is now available in Linux Version as well . Use server ip’s now to send and increase the inbox ratio to the best.
Linux version of D29 is the Best sender for all kind of spamming .


1) Server Ip for Linux use

You Will Use it on VPS or Any Other Server of Linux. Linux IP is the Most Perfect Because it is never Blacklist like RDP. You can Use Amazon, Azure or Any Free Service Linux Server for Best Results as well. because Sender will use Server ip for Sending.

2) Special Encryptions

Our Whole Sender Code is with Unique and random Encryptions.

3) Sending Speed

Sending Speed Depends on SMTP and Server. So if both are Good then Speed will be Too Fast.

4) Settings and Usage

its easy to utilize. Just alter .txt files and Put your own details in.

5) We Update

We Update Our Sender almost Every Week


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